The Hive 2015

When was the last time you did something that scared you? I’m talking about the good kind of scared though. The kind that gets you excited. The kind that makes you stumble over your words and say silly things. The kind that makes you feel like a kid again the night before a long anticipated school trip to the zoo.

In about 4 weeks time I’ll be attending The Hive 2015. It’s where I will be meeting other bloggers. It’s where I’ll be learning a lot of new things. It’s where I’m going to have to step out of every comfort zone I have. In my head, all the people who will be attending are pro’s at this game and I’m the one who has just made it to the bench.

So when the fabulous organiser of this event suggested we all write down 40 things about ourselves, I let out a big sigh of relief. I have a hard time remembering names but fun facts about someone? Those I remember! Now I don’t feel like I’m walking in the dark anymore. The room full of strangers is starting to look more like a room full of friendly and warm faces.

Here is what you need to know about me:

1. I’m a ballet dancer. Not professional but one can still dream, right? I have been plié-ing since the age of 8. I totally lose myself in dance.

2. I’m a chocolate snob. I’m Belgian and I can’t tolerate bad chocolate.

3. I was a airline pilot for 10 years. I don’t miss the job but I do miss the actual flying.

4. I can quote almost every dialogue in Pride and Prejudice.

5. I am a mother to 2 toddlers. I find being a mom really hard.

6. The age gap between my kids is 18 months. Sometimes I think we didn’t think this through properly…

7. The age gap between my kid is 18 months and sometimes I think that is the perfect age difference.

8. I ALWAYS lick the bowl.

9. When I was 9 I was pretty fluent in Chinese. I lived in Hong Kong at the time.

10. I am engaged to me married. 6 months until I say YES.

11. I am afraid of big ships (cruise liners, ferries, …). They always seem to sink or capsize. I avoid them.

12. I want to write a bestseller.

13. I love the smell of summer rain on concrete.

14. I also love the smell of freshly cut grass.

15. I don’t wear lipstick or lipgloss because it makes kissing my kids and man a “baby wipe situation”. Also, when it gets windy my hair gets stuck in it and that is not a good look.

16. I LOVE christmas. I get sad on the 26th because I have to wait another whole year for it come around again.

17. The first thing I ever baked on my own was meringues. I was 9 and I have photographic evidence somewhere.

18. I love smells and always associate them to a particular situation. I suppose you can call it sniffable memories.

20. I have lived in 7 countries.

21. I speak 5 languages.

22. The one movie that always makes me cry is Bridges of Madison County.

23. If I want to be taken serious I wear my glasses.

24. I rarely cook the same meal twice.

25. I am a very determined person. I go after what I want even if it takes me a long time.

26. I don’t give myself enough credit.

27. My favourite evening activity is sitting on the sofa with my man and watching the Big Bang Theory while eating the best Shawarma and drinking a beer.

28. The best meal I ever had in a restaurant was one where there was nothing on the menu.

29. I love Sweden in the summer.

30. Berlin on New Year’s eve scares me (never seen that much firework going off at the same time).

31. I love the Belgian seaside.

32. I have very little patience.

33. I love Lego and hate how there is now a “girl range”.

34. I studied art history for a year but have forgotten most of it. I blame the fact that I was pregnant during that time.

35. I love architecture even though I know very little about it.

36. Medical documentories fascinate me. I think surgeons are amazing.

37. I love luxury (5 star hotels, business class travel, …) but can easily live without it. I does not define me. I enjoy it like I enjoy a walk in the park or a good coffee.

38. Nothing beats that first day after winter that it is warm enough to sit outside your favourite cafe to drink your coffee.

39.  While waiting for my first pilot job I cleaned hotel rooms, did costumer surveys and was a secretary. All very much jobs that don’t get enough respect.

40. Violins in the subway station playing Pachelbel’s ” Canon in D” makes me smile but also makes me emotional.










5 thoughts on “The Hive 2015

  1. Jenni says:

    Totally with you on the Berlin fireworks. It scares the living daylights out of me. Our first year in Berlin, we went out to the balcony at midnight thinking “ooh, nice, fireworks”. Didn’t even last a minute before we fled indoors 😀 See you at The Hive!

    • admin says:

      I know! Within 5 minutes we can’t see the other side of the street. What an experience. On another note, I can’t believe I haven’t discovered your blog until now. Exactly what I need for days out with the kids (I don’t do Kindercafe’s very well…). See you next month.

  2. Melanie says:

    Great list! Look forward to meeting you at The Hive. Re number 33 my son has almost as many ‘girl’ sets of Lego as City ones and he doesn’t realise there is a gender difference to them – lives them all.

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