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I’m Annelies (Lies to my friends) and baking is my therapy.  Why do I need therapy you ask?  Well, my life is pretty hectic.  I have two young toddlers demanding every bit of my attention and a boyfriend who is a pilot and away all sorts of hours and days.  Did I mention we moved to Berlin, Germany recently after spending 9 years in Northern-Ireland?  So with no family around and having to find a whole new circle of friends, family life is pretty intense for me.  So when the kids are in bed and the fiancee is soaring across the European skies, I knead, roll, mix, sift, brush, layer, …

So why write a blog when there are so many already?  The fact that I am Belgian, the man in my life is Swedish and I have spent most of my life living in different countries makes that my recipe book is very diverse.  I’ve also had to learn to deal with the fact that not all ingredients are available in all countries and so I’ve had to adapt things along the way.  In other words, here you will find classic chocolate chip cookies next to Austrian Sacher Torte and vegan carrot cake.  And if you can’t get your hands on brown sugar or mixed spice, I’ll explain how you can substitute or make your own.

When I was a teenager I was very creative (drawing, writing, baking, dancing, …) but the studies and career I chose for myself after graduating secondary school were the complete opposite of that.  I was happy in my profession but found it was time to get that creative side back.  So now I write, photograph and … BAKE!  I’m excited about sharing this adventure with all of you and can’t wait to hear what you think. Most of the work you will see on this blog is my own.

It does’t matter if you’re new to baking or have years of experience in pastry-making and chocolate tempering. I’m an amateur baker and I continue to learn and discover all the time and that’s the exciting part.

Now, get those aprons out, find that rolling pin and bulk buy the flour because we are going to make some delicious, tasty, fabulous treats! I hope you enjoy my blog.



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    • Annelies says:

      Hi! I moved there in 2004 and left august 2 years ago. I love Berlin and the life we have here but I do miss NI at times. Such a gem of a place. Shame that most people don’t consider it for a visit. How long did you live there?

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