In a nutshell

Impressum and Data Protection are legally required for public websites here in Germany.  What does this mean for you guys?

– As I work from Germany, this website is bound to the German Copyright Laws.  So please respect my work.  If you use my recipes, please link back to my website.  If you want to use my photos I would appreciate you ask me first.

– I have no control over the content of websites I link to.  The link will be correct at the time of posting though.  So if you come across a link that is faulty, let me know so I can remove it.

– If you leave comments please don’t include your personal information.  I can’t be held responsible for the consequences that may occur when personal email addresses etc. are left in the public comments section.  You can always get in touch with me through email me on

– I have links to my Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram account.  I am not responsible for any data transfer that may happen when using of these links.  Always check your privacy settings!

In other words: please be sensible and smart.