Easter – what we did

Some of you already know that we don’t live a Monday to Friday, 9-5 kind of life. Sure, the kids and I do to a certain degree, but my pilot husband-to-be does not. His schedule doesn’t take into account holidays, celebrations and weekends. But we are used to it. It’s our life and there are some great perks that come with this lifestyle.

So what to do come Easter weekend when most people are out of town visiting grandparents or taking a well deserved family holiday? What to do when P. is hanging about the European skies and the kids are shouting “I want to go outside!” at 7 in the morning? You take your iPad, that’s what you do. You skip the Lego Train building game and the Youtube app and you go straight to 2 of my new favourite blogs. Thanks for your help in keeping us entertained this Easter weekend Isa and Claudia at Hauptstadtmutti and Jenni at Museum Diary.

On Good Friday we made and ate a lot of marshmallow top hats. You will find the recipe here. They are perfect for little people with little fingers.

child's hand putting smart on top of marshmallow

On Saturday the sky was blue and the sun was out and it felt like spring was finally on the way. I love our street on days like these. The fountains are back on now that winter is over and the trees will soon be full of luscious green leaves. Oh, and this is where my daughter will grasp the art of cycling a “big” bike.

Frankfurter Alee

Happy Easter! We hunted for easter eggs and made this fresh, pink rhubarb juice. I got the recipe from the ladies at Haupstadtmutti. I can only recommend drinking lots of this home-made juice because it is simply the best. I’m pretty sure this is going to be a staple in our house this spring and definitely this summer. You’ll find an english translation at the bottom of this post.

Rhubarb juice in carafe view from above

On Monday I took 2 overly excited kids on 2 subway trains (the fact that we needed to take 2 different ones was a big deal) to the Berlin Currywurst Museum near Checkpoint Charlie. So it’s not the MoMa or Tate but it was the perfect place for us on Easter Monday. The highlight was smelling and looking at all the spices. And the fact that apart from another family we were the only ones there (we arrived as they opened) and the kids could run around without getting in any one’s way. If ever in doubt about going to museums with your kids, read this article by Jenni.

Currywurst museum Berlin looking at ginger

I hope you had a lovely easter weekend.


English translation of Rhubarb Juice as featured on Hauptstadtmutti (original recipe by Marie Langenau)

1 kg fresh rhubarb

400g sugar

juice of 2 lemons

Wash the rhubarb thoroughly making sure all the dirt is gone. Peal and chop into 2-3cm chunks. Place the rhubarb in a pot with 2 litres water and let it all boil for about 15 minutes. Strain the juice into a second pot. Add the sugar and lemon juice and stir until all the sugar is dissolved. Pour the juice in 2 clean bottles.

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