Driving home for Christmas…

Who’s traveling to see family this Christmas?

Who’s got suitcases packed full of presents and is worried the guy at check-in is going to spot that you are 10 kg over the weight limit? Who’s hopping on the train and has the challenge of making at least 3 connections, one being just a mere 10 minutes? And who’s got the car filled with lots of thick winter clothes, toys and books, a double buggy and a bag full of tricks to keep 2 toddlers happy? That last one, that’s me. Between our home in Berlin and my parents’ home in Belgium, there’s around 825 km. Most of it is German Autobahn (good road, lots of space, no speed limit in a lot of places… basically a driver’s dream) so things go quickly and smoothly.

It’s always nice to come back to Bruges. It is one of the most beautiful towns you’ll ever see. Especially around Christmas. Have you seen BBC series “The White Queen”? Most of it was filmed here. This is what it looks like in the evening a week before Christmas.


One of the first things I do when I am in Belgium is to go to the supermarket and stock up on things that are unavailable or more pricey in Germany. On my list:

– Lotus Speculoos

– Speculoos pasta (also called Biscoff or Cookie Butter in other countries)

– Cote d’Or chocolate

– Luikse siroop (apple and pear spread)

– Brown sugar (practically unavailable in Berlin)

– Kandijsiroop (syrup made from rock sugar)

– and beer…

So most of it is baking based. Yes, even the beer can be used in baking :-)

What do you bring home from visits to families or friends far far away?

Belgian GoodiesHere’s a small selection of Belgian goodies, including Belgian rain in the background (happens a lot here…).









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