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spring bouquet

Spring has arrived in Berlin! The sun is shining, my winter jacket has been banished to the back of the wardrobe and socks are slowly on the way out. When the weather gets warmer and the trees start showing some green I can literally feel my energy levels going up. Even in my sleep deprived state (one or both of the kids has been waking up at night for the last couple of weeks, in other words, me too).

I suddenly got it into my head that we had too much stuff. And even more unused stuff (cakepop maker anyone?). I blame/thank Marie Kondo for making me reassess our Stuff Situation. If you really think about it, you don’t need half the stuff you have. So in an attempt to clean up, tidy up and move forward, I set to work last week. Books we have never read and were catching dust on the bookshelf? Gone! Babybed sheets and blankets? We have 2 toddlers now, so, gone! All those frames for all those photos we never get round to printing? Gone! I didn’t even get to the double buggy we still need to get rid of or the 20 plus wooden hangers we have no use for.

There is another reason for this spring clean. Personally, I need things tidy for my brain to be calm (emphasis on tidy, i.e. all the kids book either on the shelf or as a stack in the corner of the living room, or in the toy pram etc.). Mess causes chaos in my head. I don’t like chaos, it makes me unable to think. And I’m thinking a lot these days. I’m full of ideas! I have lots of dreams and plans. I want to do this and try that. Do you get that too?

3 months ago, at the start of this year, I set myself the task of drawing for 30 minutes each day. I use the Flow Calendar of Tiny Pleasures as my background, think of an idea that would work well and then draw it. I really enjoy it and my goal is to do this for every day of this year (and hopefully beyond). I want to get better at drawing and the only way that’s going to happen is if I practice. Even if it’s only 30minutes a day drawing a simple little figure with a blue hat and a stripy scarf. You can see what he gets up to on my Instagram account.

Big things have small beginnings

When I started this blog, I did it with the goal of awakening my dormant creative side. I had very little time and energy back then (2 small kids and a recent move from one country to another) so the most obvious way for me to be creative was to bake. I didn’t need anything special for it. Most of the time it was just some eggs, butter, flour, sugar, a bowl and a mixer. But now I find myself at a point where there is room for more.

Spring has always been the symbol of new beginnings. And I feel that my blog could do with some freshness and newness too. I’m not yet completely sure how that will go but the ideas are there. I am holding the seeds. I just need to plant them but for that, the conditions need to right. My conditions need to be right.

Are you doing/planning a spring clean in your life? What is it you want to tidy up or get rid of?

Berlin Tierpark in the spring



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