About inspiration and determination

People who know me personally will tell you I’m a determined woman. When I want to do something, I do it. I ignore those around me who doubt my dreams and ideas. I am not ruthless though. I am not the kind of person who sets out to achieve goals at any cost. I like to take my time. The philosophy of “I want it and I want it now” is not relevant to me. I want to enjoy my journey, not get to the finish without remembering the things that I saw on the way.

I had been talking about Baked-it for about 6 months before I finally hit the “publish” button. And I have to admit that as determined as I am, I did need a bit of a push for this one. Now, half a year later, I feel myself getting more and more confident in what I am doing here. I notice that I am finding my way, my personal style, my uniqueness. I still have so much to learn but that excites me (most of the time). I am already curious what I will get up to in the next 6 months.

Of course, no creative mind works without inspiration. Something or someone to make you want to do better, to make you want to do different. Something or someone that points you in the opposite direction of where everyone else is looking. Something or someone that makes you look up and switches on the light in your foggy brain.

Here are my wingmen and women:

My friend Johanna who is a journalist and blogger. My friend who gave me the push to do this. Thank you!

Meredith at Kaffee und Kuchen and Henar at Wanderings. I don’t think they realise how much I am learning from them.

My Scandinavian Home gave what was for me the most inspiring talk at the Hive Conference this year. I still think about it every time I write.

Annie was my first Twitter follower. She does amazing work and is so motivated and determined.

Thalia at Butter and Brioche who showed me that it is not just me who gets moments of doubt. I think she is brilliant, even more so because she is honest.

The Hive Conference for being such a friendly place to learn without judgement of how much or little experience you have as a blogger (see you in Dublin!)

And last of all, the guys and girls at Silo Berlin who supply me with coffee when I’ve had a bad night with the kids and need a bit of help to produce a good post.

Next week I’ll be baking again. But now, I want to open a bottle of something bubbly to celebrate my achievements so far.


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